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founding gala of guangdong galuminium charity foundation is a complete success

post time:2014-09-05

on september 3, 2014, galuminium group co., ltd., held a grand gala to celebrate the founding of guangdong galuminium charity foundation in the guangzhou hall of the shangri-la hotel, guangzhou, with about 600 people from all works of life comprising industry leaders, scholars, celebrities, and chambers of commerce attending the gala. the founding of guangdong galuminium charity foundation attracted extensive attention and received full supports from all fields of the society.



galuminium group co., ltd., was founded in 1993 and now has developed into a large enterprise with a complete industry chain and multiplex development involving aluminum mining, alumina production, aluminum smelting, aluminum intensive product development – production – sale chain, manufacturing and installing of the aluminum windows, doors and curtain wall as well as a large manufacturing enterprise with the most complete aluminum industry chain in the world. at present, galuminium group possesses 22 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 8 large manufacturing bases, with its marketing service and excellent projects covering the whole country.


chairman of the galuminium group mr. ye pengzhi said: “new emerging forces can change the world’s structure, so it should be the social responsibility of excellent enterprises to give more support and assistant to them.” based on the ultimate objective of “getting from the society and rewarding the society, realizing self-worth and promoting social development”, galuminium group, alone with people from all works of life, spared no effort to realize the “study dream” and “entrepreneurship dream” of new emerging forces in the name of guangdong galuminium charity foundation. the foundation would provide favorable study conditions for those students who want to receive education but in need of material supports, and help them to finish their studies so as to make contributions to the development of society. meanwhile, the foundation would fund or invest entrepreneurs with ambitions and lofty ideals to realize their dreams. the founding of guangdong galuminium charity foundation will assist more grassroots families in moving to upper-middle level, achieving happier and richer lives and eventually realizing the “chinese dream”.



that day, the nine famous representatives of lingnan school of painting were invited to attend the gala, and galuminium group auctioned their representative painting, “sunny” for rmb 1,200,000 which was completely donated to guangdong galuminium charity foundation to support public welfare cause.


the core concept of galuminium group as a corporate citizen was to achieve capital socialization and benefit sharing, allowing the society to share the development achievements of galuminium group. while obtaining great support from various fields, galuminium group further deepens strategic cooperation of channels and moves forward with society under the belief of open source and win-win. the founding of guangdong galuminium charity foundation will witness galuminium group’s efforts in devoting to the social charity cause and achieving social value of enterprises by cooperating with strategic partners and people from numerous circles.