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the 117th session of the canton fair concluded successfully

post time:2015-04-20

on april 15, 2015, it witnessed the grand opening of the 117th session of the china import and export fair (shortened as “canton fair”) in pazhou, guangzhou. originated in the spring of 1957, the canton fair, with a history of over 50 years, is held in guangzhou in spring and autumn every year. besides, it is renowned as the comprehensive international trade pageant with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete commodity classification, the largest number of attending merchants and the best trading results in present china. by april 19, the number of purchasers and exhibitors from all over the world has reached 92,719 and various major domestic brands and over 600 foreign exhibitors have been attracted to the fair.


during the canton fair, our staff members in the international trade department received merchants from the whole world and extended the warmest welcome to the visiting foreign merchants. they made a brief introduction to the company, accompanied the visitors to see the company’s product showroom and introduced the research and development of new products. the foreign merchants spoke highly of the company’s products and showed great interest in a series of our products. consequently, many cooperation intentions were reached between the company and various foreign merchants after consultation. the fair has dramatically increased the company’s overall competitive strength in overseas market.



in this session, galuminium group exhibited the windows and doors system, hardware fitting system and various profile templates for surface treatment, basically unfolding the scope of current foreign trade and marketing. the majority of sample windows selected were new products, such as jz113, our company’s newest large folding door which can extend at most to be four meters high and six meters wide; sy100, the new out-opening window combining screen window with hand cranks; and tl90 with screen that repels mosquito. all of them mainly presented the company’s new designs. at the same time, all the managers actively communicated with the merchants, attempted to know about the current industrial situation in the clients’ countries and meet the purchasing needs of clients as possible, aiming at providing the best service and recommending the most suitable and high-quality products to consumers. meanwhile, the marketing managers actively related the current market situation and new trends of overseas procurement to the technical service department of the company, trying to make efficient use of the exhibition platform and contribute to the development of company.



it is with the master spirit of high responsibility that galuminium group again has harvested recognition of people from all walks of life and good reputation in the 117th session of canton fair, which pushes it closer to the goal of “continuous breakthroughs to honor hundred-year galuminum group”.